Freshly Prepared Chinese Cuisine with Southeast Asian Influences

Fu Kee Restaurant is a family-run Chinese food restaurant in San Jose specializing in fresh and seasonal Chinese cuisine with Southeast Asian influences. Rooted in the Chinese culinary tradition and inspired by food from Southeast Asian regions and locally available ingredients, Fu Kee Restaurant offers a diverse, fresh and flavorful menu.

We offer soups and salads, rice and noodle plates, and vegetable, seafood, poultry and meat dishes. Favorite dishes include the Chinese Sausage Papaya Salad, Soft Shell Crab Fun Pei Salad, Tamaraind Seafood Hot Pot, Sauteed Vegetable de Asia, Lemongrass Vegetarian Chicken Filet, Candied Pecan Prawns, Sauteed Catfish Filet with Ginger and Scallions, Curry Chicken, Beef Tenderloin Kabobs Rice Plate and Saigon Street Chow Fun.